According to the Nr.196/2003 and Nr. 496/2004 laws about the fighting and preventing pornography, we need to mention that this site:

-          Contains and shares material and information that is exclusively destined to mature audience

-          It is prohibited to access the site in public spaces

-          The site’s content is prohibited to minors

-          The site’s content is prohibited to those who are easily offended.


-          By accessing and utilizing the site you confirm that you have read and accepted the “Terms and conditions” and you accept their legal and juridical value, acknowledging that they are the only mutual agreement between you, as a user, and the site’s administrators.

-          By accepting these “Terms and conditions” you confirm you are 18 years of age or older and you are not offended in any way by the site’s content as it is exclusively meant for mature audience, as previously specified.

-          It shall be considered that the user has accepted the “Terms and conditions” after pressing the “ENTER (18+) button displayed at the first page, since it confirms the legal status of the site. Also, the user will not be able to access any of the site’s content as long as this option is not selected.


1.       Every user must carefully read the “Terms and conditions” section. The reason for that is that the specifications contained in this section are necessary in order for the user to be updated regarding both the site’s content and the legal specifications on the matter. Only after fully and carefully reading these specifications would the user be able to express its agreement in relation to the site’s content and proceed to view it.

2.       These “Terms and conditions” are the only mutual agreement between the users and the site’s administrators.

3.       In case the user refuses to accept the “Terms and conditions”, either partially or totally, then he is free to leave the platform free of any obligations or unnecessary delays.

4.       The site’s administrators reserve their constitutional right to edit, alter and add new information both in the site’s content and in the “Terms and conditions” section and they can do it without any previous warnings. This is the reason we suggest that everybody should periodically visit the “Terms and conditions” section in order to remain updated on the latest modifications that may occur. This will allow anybody who finds the new specifications unacceptable to immediately leave the site as it is their right to do so.

5.       According to the legal specifications the site’s content is completely prohibited to those who have yet to reach 18 years of age. The mature audience of the site will be legally constricted to be aware of the legal specifications regarding the site’s content and any future misunderstanding related to this aspect cannot and will not be blame on the site’s owners.

6.       The site’s administrators cannot guarantee that the operations functions of the platform (text, various graphic material, video recordings, pictures, any additional information and so on) will be error free. Also, there are no guarantees that the site will not contain some viruses on different occasions or any damaging programs for that matter, despite the fact that the administrators are doing their best to prevent these things from happening.

7.       The administrators will not be held responsible for poor performances from the site and in the case some users may experience difficulties in accessing its content partially or not at all, due to any types of technical, juridical or any other reasons.

8.       In case the users decide to upload or download information to and from the site, they should keep in mind that this information can be also accessed by third parties, including some with damaging intentions. The site’s administrators cannot guarantee the privacy of the transmitted data.

Public knowledge specifications

1.       When creating the site, the administrators have foreseen the buildup of a virtual environment that will provide the users with the possibility of exchanging ideas and impressions with whomever they choose to, to create relationships and to socialize.

2.       All of the site’s users can create personal accounts which they will later use in identifying potential partners, if that is what they wish to do.

3.       “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” adopted by the United Nations General Committee on September 1948 clearly states that every man has the right to freely express its ideas and he has the right to express its own opinions in private, as long as they do not interfere with the legal specifications. The same rights are considered when talking about private matters and every user is entitled to them.

4.       The site’s functions are completely forbidden to those practicing prostitution and will be considered neither employer nor an agent of any physical or juridical person of those using the site. Also, the site will be considered neither a call center nor an intermediary agency.

5.        This site is a virtual platform desired to serve the users’ interest which is supporting: posts, communication, the free flow of ideas, bounding and so on.

6.       The site cannot be legally accused based on the quality of certain posts, nor can it be considered responsible for the form or the authenticity of any video or written material. The responsibility for the published material belongs to those who post them, not the site’s administrators.

7.         The site’s content is to be used strictly for private matters and this means that under no circumstance is accessing the site on public locations allowed. This is because people may be subjected to viewing potentially offensive material. The users will only be able to use the site’s information for their own private use.

8.       The administrators are interested in hearing users’ opinions regarding the site’s functionality, as well as considering their suggestions regarding various aspects of the site that can be upgraded or enhanced. If they will consider them as satisfying a public need, they will certainly do their best implementing them in order to increase the site’s efficiency and desirability.

9.       The users’ comply with the current specifications represents their agreement to receive e-mail notifications from the administrators, with informative and marketing purposes.

Regarding the intellectual property

1.       When accepting the “Terms and conditions” specifications, you agree to comply with the No. 8/1996 law regarding the author rights, specifying that it is completely forbidden to upload on the site different material that can potentially violate authors’ rights or any other rights that a physical or juridical person is entitled to. In these cases legal actions will be taken against the user who is responsible for uploading them.

2.       When uploading information on the site, the user empowers the site’s administrators with the legal right to reproduce, adapt, publish, translate, distribute and incorporate the said information in different works, which they can spread nationally or internationally by any method available. The administrators can exercise this right without having to pay monetary rights to the user who uploaded them and without any prior notification, other than the one specified in “Terms and conditions”.

3.       The intellectual property refers to both the site’s content and its graphic design, which contains: graphic design, written text, graphics, drawings, images, data bases, and any other works currently protected by both the Romanian law and the international one, regarding authors’ rights.

4.       All users will be informed on the authors’ rights by the Copyright – 2006 © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED formula, which is visible in the footer of every page.

5.       Any information published on the site, its authors’ rights and the responsibility belong to the user himself.

Regarding personal use

-          The personal use refers to the legal right of owning a certain good and empowers the owner to make a use of it as it pleases, but only in his own interest or his family’s. The owner can only be one physical person and the right to own is personal, which means that the owner cannot alienate it.

-          It is prohibited to use the site other than specified by the “Terms and conditions”.

-          The right to use the site does not come with other rights such as: the right to copy any of its content, to duplicate it, to collect or to use the content in an unfit way, or the right to exploit and collect various data or use robots or unauthorized programs. Internet search engines are the obvious exception to the rule, as well as public archives which use information collecting instruments, with the sole purpose to redirect links towards the site.

Defining the unauthorized use

1.       Using the site should be strictly private

2.       It is forbidden to and it is under the danger of legal punishment:

a.       The elimination of the site’s certifications showing the property right regarding any content, like: slogans, drawings, graphic schematics, images and so on.

b.      The deliberate modification or the deliberate participation in the unauthorized modification of the site’s form or content, regardless of the means used.

c.       Copying or reproducing any part of the site’s content, such as: slogans, drawings, graphic schematics, images and so on, if the final purpose is selling them without the site’s administrators’ permission.

d.      Translating, regardless of the language, modifying or rewriting the site’s content in any programming language, partially or totally.

e.      Creating works derived from the site’s content, such as: form, text, slogans, graphic concept, graphic schematics, images, data bases and so on.

f.        Using retro-engineering, which consists in analyzing the product in order to determine its creation process. Exception is the case in which it is specifically required by law.

g.       The unauthorized selling, transfer or patenting of the site’s content, partially or totally, such as: text, slogans, graphic schematics, graphic concept, images, interactive platforms, data bases and so on.

h.      Using any technology, automatic device or any software specialized in monitoring, collecting or copying and storing the site’s data without any permission.

i.         Uploading any illegal, deceiving and suggestive material

j.        Uploading any material containing false information that are deceiving or aim at unauthorized goals.

k.       Using the site with other purposes that it was built for. Such an initiative will negatively affect the functionality of the software and all of the other additional systems.

l.          Damaging the site by uploading, transmitting or using unauthorized software devices, including viruses that are especially designed for such purposes or that can incidentally cause damages, in case they are not built to do it intentionally.

m.    Posting links to other similar sites or posting marketing adds about products, brands or any other services without the administrators’ explicit agreement.

3.       If any user intends on using the site’s content other than for private purposes, he can ask for the administrators’ permission using the option available on the “Contact” page.

4.       The site’s administrators reserve their right to modify, reject, correct or eliminate any material that trespasses the “Terms and conditions” limitations and specifications or they can require to users to do so, if the said material is a danger to one’s physical integrity or life, violates his rights or that are racist, discriminatory, malevolent or that can affect in a negative way the site’s reputation, other visitors’ or staff’s. If the user will not comply, the administrators reserve the right to suspend his account indefinitely.

5.       Any user who will consider that he’s got his author rights violated, the right for private life or any other personal or collective rights, is asked to contact the site’s administrators in order to clarify the situation as soon as possible.

Limiting the responsibility

1.       Since this site works as a hosting platform, it is therefore entirely objective and cannot be held responsible for any type of material that the users or the legal partners upload that can have an unwanted effect on the public environment.

2.       Despite the administrators’ efforts in identifying and eliminating any type of information, adds or comments that can violate the right to be correctly informed, the possibility that such information, violating the “Terms and conditions”, to go through is pretty high and the users are asked to be vigilant and to report any attempt to avoid the regulations.

3.       Both the administrators and the technical team will make all efforts in constantly improving the site’s structural capabilities as well as its functional parameters in order to fully satisfy the users’ demands regarding the site’s optimal functionality. However, the administrators cannot guarantee that their efforts will meet the users’ standards due to the fact that many of these aspects cannot be absolutely foreseen in terms of predicting their outcome, thus, their positive evolution cannot be 100% guaranteed.

4.       Outside the “Terms and conditions” section’s specifications, containing the conditions and prerogatives of responsibility, as well as the additional legal specifications, any other demarche is completely exonerated by any obligations or responsibilities which are not previously stated.

Regarding administrative attributions and responsibilities

1.       In case there are no legal, technical, commercial or security aspects that will state otherwise, the administrators reserve the right to alter, suspend or partially or totally terminate any part of the site’s content or its functionality as a whole.

2.       The site’s administrators cannot be held responsible for deleting a user’s personal account, or for restricting his access to the site’s services, if their actions are supported by the “Terms and conditions” specifications.

3.       You are hereby notified that there may be certain periods of time during which the site will be suspended for unpredicted technical issues, or for maintenance reasons, upgrading processes or for any other operations aiming at enhancing the site’s functionality.

Exonerating statement

The site’s administrators are in no way involved in the social interactions between the site’s users or between the disputes that may appear between them, which exonerates them from any responsibilities, obligations or any other imputations regarding this aspect.

Final specifications

-          The “Terms and conditions” section contains clauses which form the only contractual agreement between the site’s administrators and users and it contains the set of norms explaining both the optimal way of using the platform and the user’s ideal social behavior.

-          In the case administrators fail, at times, to apply any of the clauses specified by the “Terms and conditions” section, this is not a statement regarding the users’ compliance to those rules.   

-          In the case a juridical court will appreciate any of the “Terms and conditions” specifications as inapplicable or unenforceable, the said disposition will be treated accordingly, while the rest of the specifications will remain valid.

The users are asked to report any violation of the “Terms and conditions” previously specified, as well as to notify any irregularity with the site’s functionality. Also, they are urged to mention any suggestions regarding the ways the site can be improved.

Thank you for choosing EscorteVip.ro and we wish you to have the best time of your life!

The administration!


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